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Book Review – If you fall it’s a new beginning

Karen Darke’s book, ‘If You Fall… It’s a new Beginning’ is the true story of her fight back to health after an horrific climbing accident. The description of her recovery is graphic but heart-rending. She deals with the difficult physical journey back to health, albeit [...]

I had all sorts of plans …

I had all sorts of plans for 2012: continuing to grow It’s Good 2 Give, getting fit, enjoying my husband’s retirement, reading more books…. Little did I realise what fate had in store for me. Mid-December my dad fell down stairs at home and we had our first visit to Royal Infirmary of [...]

Influence not inspiration

When I sat down to consider people who inspire me I realised that I couldn’t think of any. Well, that is not strictly true. I could think of lots, my grandfather for instance, but that is an entirely personal perspective and I cannot expect everyone to sit through a biography of a large chunk [...]