Book Review – If you fall it’s a new beginning

Karen Darke’s book, ‘If You Fall… It’s a new Beginning’ is the true story of her fight back to health after an horrific climbing accident. The description of her recovery is graphic but heart-rending. She deals with the difficult physical journey back to health, albeit [...]

International Year of Co-operatives 2012

The United Nations has designated 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives. From Argentina to Zambia, the 1.4 million co-operatives across the globe will be celebrating and showing how they build a better world. Global female co-operative leader, Dame Pauline Green, President of the [...]

Influence not inspiration

When I sat down to consider people who inspire me I realised that I couldn’t think of any. Well, that is not strictly true. I could think of lots, my grandfather for instance, but that is an entirely personal perspective and I cannot expect everyone to sit through a biography of a large chunk [...]

Influential Women – Didi Hopkins

Didi Hopkins started skirting the boards as a direct response to the women on boards report from Lord Davies this year, and a desire to ensure women have the skills they need to be bold, brilliant and to be themselves. No matter what rank, position, job or industry. Outraged that the focus is at [...]

Influential Women – Lynne Parker

Funny Women, founded in 2002 by Lynne Parker, is a production company dedicated to promoting female comedy talent. It has grown to become a unique entertainment brand promoting new female acts and working with established performers. In January we spoke to Lynne and asked her about her company, her [...]

Clare Logie

Clare Logie is Strategic Director at Independent Women, Scotland’s first IFA firm dedicated to offering friendly, professional financial advice for women which has been operating since 1997. Clare is well known and well-respected as a powerful and intelligent advocate for women in business. [...]
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