Ego in the workplace

There is a lot of talk in spiritual and motivational magazines these days about the Ego, especially whether it is something we have to eliminate. The Ego is simply our mind, thoughts, beliefs, mental programming and who we think we are. In computer terms it is our operating system. When we are [...]

Pure potentiality and how to manifest it

In this selective serialisation I have present the start of the actual journey proper. Dr Chopra’s first law; that of pure potentiality. In essence, he breaks down the material perspective of all things into the pure component elements. In scientific terms, all matter is over 99.99% nothing. By [...]

Love in Action—The Gift of One Woman

I would like to tell you about a humble woman who made a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of people around the world. Her name was Linda O’Neill and she was the partner and soulmate of a remarkable spiritual leader and healer from Ireland, Derek O’Neill. Linda too, was a [...]

Endless Inspirations

The further I travel along this road we call life the more I realise how many people and what circumstances have inspired me. I thought about a spreadsheet to illustrate what I mean but realise this would not come across how I meant it to read. So I have clustered them together with very brief [...]

Resilience: a key to successful organizations

Resilience—in organizations, structures and the human spirit—was the theme of a TIGERoadshow (Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy) hosted by the St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in the City of London on 16 October. Initiatives of Change’s UK business programme [...]

Choices between ‘right action’ and wrong values

Lawrence Bloom, Chairman of Be Energy and soon to be Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a United Nations intergovernmental organization, took his audience on a journey between the boundaries of right, wrong and the multiple shades of grey in between, when he addressed a TIGETalk in the [...]
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