Join the3rdimagazine and help set the agenda for women in business

The3rdi magazine is a member owned co-operative business that you can own FOR LESS THAN £1 PER WEEK* Join us to: * Change the Way the World Does Business * Set the agenda for women in business * Promote ethical business practices * Have YOUR say about the world of work * Share the profits Did you [...]

Michelle Rodger

What is a brand? It’s a living, growing identity, a set of values that represents us, our business and our employees. The benefits are tangible; a strong, memorable, compelling brand encourages client loyalty, it reminds them why they use our company. Branded customers are more likely to promote [...]

May Editorial – When brand meets celebrity

There are many, many good reasons for building a personal brand in business – people buy from people after all. The more you are known the more likely people are to do business with you; or else why would we all spend so much time networking in both real and virtual worlds? But brand has to [...]

Jo Cameron

Jo founded her High Performance Academy because she is passionate about helping people and organisations achieve. She is a former candidate on the hit TV show The Apprentice, Winner of The Weakest Link and is a regular media commentator. She is a motivational speaker held in the highest regard and [...]

How to use your brand to build your reputation

*a brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually Marketed. Well, quite a wordy but nonetheless relatively complete definition of a “brand”. A company’s brands, and the [...]

The Value of Brand

There will be people in this issue who are far better qualified than me to tell you how and why you should be building your company brand. What I thought I would throw in to the ring is how we, at Independent Women, use our brand, what we think brand really means for us and why it has to be [...]
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