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Detox Tips for the New Year

By Ilona Wesle, My Detox Diet After the Christmas binge January is a great time to give your body a clean and rest. Psychologically it’s the start of a fresh new year, and physically it follows a period of over-indulgence and, probably, an amount of unhealthy eating and drinking. So start the new [...]

How to develop a social media strategy – part three

If you’re going to get the most out of social media then you need a clear strategy. Don’t start using social media until you have a clear strategy – or you could be wasting your time! There are eight steps to creating a social media strategy and over the last two months we have looked at: [...]

Social Media: 8 Tips for Young Enterprise

Young enterprise is a topic close to my own heart, so I’m really excited about not only sharing my own experiences but reading the other contributions to this month’s issue. In any enterprise, not just young enterprise, social media is the gateway to the world. You can reach customers, [...]

Coach of the Month – Jane Buick

Jane Buick isn’t really a coach and Miascape isn’t really a coaching company! So why are they here in this space in the3rdimagazine? Well, most people employ coaches to help with a particular business or life issue. In doing this coaches look to change behaviours. Miascape aim to change [...]
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