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How to boost your career will power

Do you procrastinate when it comes to your career? Do you mean to apply for a promotion or a pay rise but somehow never get round to it? Do you know what you need to do to take your career forward, but despite your best intentions you’re just not doing it? We trot out excuses like “a lack of [...]

How to develop a social media strategy – part four

If you’re going to get the most out of social media then you need a clear strategy. Social Media is a great tool – and potentially a great time swallower too! So it’s a good idea to have a strategy for your business social media campaign – before you start. Over the last three months we [...]

Dealing with challenging relationships at work

You love your work – but you can’t stand the person you work with. It’s a struggle to keep you both from bickering, let alone falling into a full-blown, claws-out argument. But you don’t want to give up your job and murder is clearly out of the question! So what can you do? Work [...]

How to eliminate stress, regret, dissatisfaction and worry

How to eliminate stress, regret, dissatisfaction and worry – using Positive Acceptance We’re all crazy. As a chartered psychologist, I should know. We fill our lives with irrational thoughts. Every time we have a negative thought such as dissatisfaction, disappointment, regret or blame, or any [...]

Change management – and how to deal with change

Why every business is in the business of change management – and how to deal with change. Change. If you’re running a business of any size, you’re also in the business of change management. It can come at you from many directions: the classic PEST factors (Political, Economic – enough said [...]
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