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Getting the Right T-Shirt in 2013

Have you been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, only to find it’s the wrong T-Shirt? Are you determined that 2013 will be different? The trouble is so many New Year’s resolutions about changing your life seem to fall by the wayside by the 1st February. Or maybe you’ve given up on resolutions [...]

The Secrets of Successful Networking

I love networking. I enjoy the idea that I will walk into a room and barely know a soul and leave the room knowing that I’ve struck up at least one conversation with an interesting person from whom I’ve learned something useful. The first part of successful networking is your mindset. [...]

Does the new Facebook Timeline really understand human psychology?

Facebook recently rolled out Timeline for Facebook Pages. Pages are most often used by brands, businesses and celebrities to engage with consumers. The chances are that as an entrepreneur you have set yourself up a Facebook Page at some point. The new Timeline prevents brands (and in this I include [...]

How to speed up payments from your clients

Slow and non-paying customers not only affect your cash flow, they also divert your energies away from growing your business. So it’s important to get this under control and do everything you can to reduce the possibility of no being paid for the work you do. Here are a few steps to help you [...]

Over coming shyness with the help of public speaking skills

Is shyness holding you back in your business? Whether it’s a networking event, a meeting or a public speaking opportunity – all of these can be painful experiences if you are very shy. And if, as a result, you avoid them – then your business could be suffering. Three years ago Alan Donegan [...]
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