goal setting

How to tell what is working and where to put your effort.

Are you focusing on the right activities to drive your business forward? When you are running a business, most business owners are focused on three things; 1) Getting more customers 2) Increasing sales 3) Earning more profit But when these things aren’t happening many start “reacting” [...]

Fresh Starts

The thrill of New Year’s Day is the prospect of a clean slate. After all the holiday indulgence, we set ourselves new goals, resolutions which feel hopeful and energizing. And we earnestly set about to meeting these goals with a spirited determination. Soon, however, nature proves out and ideals [...]

3 ways successful business owners avoid taking risks

Running a business often means taking risks – but these shouldn’t be random risks. They need to be calculated – in other words you need to ensure they actually aren’t that risky at all! Shweta Jhajharia founder of The London Coaching Group suggests there are three things you must learn in [...]