Domestic Violence & Abuse – A Gender Equality Issue

Domestic Abuse itself is non-descriminatory. It can occur in all areas of society regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, mental health status, geographic location, socio-economic status, culture, or age . Domestic abuse is the coercive control one person exerts [...]

November Tax News with Val from Beyond the Numbers

WATCH OUT FOR BIG INCREASE IN COMPANY CAR TAX FOR SOME There is a sharp increase in the taxable car benefit on many company cars with effect from 6 April 2012. This is by reference to a new emissions scale which creates an income tax charge (and Class 1A national insurance liability) for the [...]

Accessibility: The Key Ingredient to Success?!

At the end of October I had the privilege to ‘pitch’ my business idea to the lovely ladies at Fair Comment. I have to say it was a great experience! Not only did I learn a few things about myself (I did not expect that) but I also found that my business idea has more use than I first envisioned [...]

Playing with Diversity – Pain or Pleasure?

So much research focusing on facts that demonstrate how sadly lacking in diversity are the power arenas in our corporations, governments and institutions. SO many demands and cries for others to take action to re-dress this. SO much being said about how vital it is we bring more diversity into [...]
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