Gender imbalance in the charitable sector

So, we have been asked to consider challenging the expectations in boardroom, workplace, public office regarding equality and diversity. As a small charity we see the gender imbalance too. Charities may have a better record than industry of appointing women to board level or to senior management [...]

Women on the Shelf – The Women’s Room by Marilyn French

The Women’s Room, first published in 1977, has come to be one of the most important and influential works of fiction of the twentieth century. The book follows the life of a young woman, Mira, from adolescence to middle age, and chronicles her experiences, and the experiences of her friends and [...]

We can, indeed we must, change expectations

Violence against women is, I believe, a consequence of the historic and persistent inequality between men and women. While physical violence is often what makes the headlines, verbal domestic abuse, forced marriage, trafficking of young girls, honour crimes and non-consensual sexual activity within [...]

Gill Eastgate

Gill Eastgate runs NKD Design, a thriving company with a distinctly different approach to company image. NKD design and supply staff uniforms for a large range of companies and specialise in the hospitality sector, providing clothing for the likes of Malmaison. Gill started her career studying [...]

Ann-Maree Morrison

From accountancy in Australia to success in Scotland Anne-Maree Morrison’s journey is both interesting and inspiring. “I was working with Price Waterhouse in Australia and, like a lot of my fellow Australians, decided to take a working holiday in London. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and [...]

Etta Cohen

In 2000 Etta Cohen founded Forward Ladies, which began as a small group of professional women meeting and sharing experiences and which has grown to become  the North of England’s largest women’s networking and business support organisations supporting over 13,500 women throughout [...]
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