Lesley Mackintosh

It is easy to think that in the current economic environment that every company is struggling. Even if you are reluctant to accept the constant stream of bad news on TV, radio and in the newspapers without question you could still be forgiven for thinking that the situation must be adversely [...]

Diversity: vive la difference

Definition: • the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness • variety; multiformity Diversity has become something of a business buzzword and as such has attracted attention, created policies and guidelines and even established organisations specialised in promoting its inherent [...]

Calm Down Dear

“Calm down dear”, the words used in an ad by the annoying and patronising Michael Winner. Who would have guessed that a prime minister of Britain would address a female MP in this way, in parliament? Then again who would have expected Ken Clarke to suggest fatuously, that some rapes were not as [...]

Equality & Diversity

We can all remember a time when we either felt or witnessed segregation in one form or another or have found barriers standing in our way, have been told we are too tall, too short, too young or too old. Thanks to the Equality Act 2010 many of these barriers have been removed and the work place has [...]

Limiting Language

In the June edition of this magazine there was an article Entitled “ Women Told To Speak Their Minds To Get On In The Boardroom” which reported on research by linguistics expert Dr Judith Baxter. Searching for something else I discovered this interview with Dr Baxter which I think is really [...]
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