Addressing the scarcity of women in government

Scotland has a new political leader with Ruth Davidson winning the election for leadership of the Conservative Party in Scotland. This is not a huge step forward, as Annabel Goldie has led the Scottish tories for many years and being head of the 4th party in Scotland is unlikely to lead to any real [...]

Enlightened thinking for change

I indulge in a little light reading before I go to sleep at night. It’s the New Statesman and it bills itself as “enlightened thinking for a change”. I am not sure that it is always conducive to sleep and I do a bit of groaning as I read it, mostly in despair. I do not get time to read a [...]

Co-operating to Make a Difference

The 3rdi magazine is a member’s co-operative. But what does that actually mean in practice? Co-operatives as a business model are often misunderstood so I’d like to explain some of the myths surrounding them and increase your understanding as to how this can be an excellent alternative business [...]

Moving slowly but at least moving forward

When I saw Karen’s note about the November theme , my first response was ‘brilliant – I’ll do that.’ But when I sat in front of my computer screen, I wondered where on earth to start? As Karen says, we seem to have been talking about aspects of gender equality and diversity for so many [...]

Handbags and Gladrags

Am I the only woman who objects to the plethora of women’s networking events that revolve around shoes and canapes and chocolate? I thought not. For the record, I hate shopping. I buy handbags in order to carry more easily the stuff I need to carry and buy shoes to save walking barefoot [...]

I buy therefore I am

As the pay-gap slowly but surely closes and we inch our way towards gender equality, the feminists have begun to retire; spending their evenings at home instead watching Desperate Housewives. I myself am a culprit of this counter-feminist movement led by the glossy magazines and airbrushed beauty [...]
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