gender equality

We need to change the rules not just create more exceptions

I recently appeared as one of the expert panel at an event where Suzanne Doyle-Morris spoke from her book “Beyond the Boys Club. We discussed the glass ceiling, the glass cliff, the blockages in the pipeline of promotion and the leakage from that pipeline that means fewer and fewer women [...]

Addressing the scarcity of women in government

Scotland has a new political leader with Ruth Davidson winning the election for leadership of the Conservative Party in Scotland. This is not a huge step forward, as Annabel Goldie has led the Scottish tories for many years and being head of the 4th party in Scotland is unlikely to lead to any real [...]

Enlightened thinking for change

I indulge in a little light reading before I go to sleep at night. It’s the New Statesman and it bills itself as “enlightened thinking for a change”. I am not sure that it is always conducive to sleep and I do a bit of groaning as I read it, mostly in despair. I do not get time to read a [...]

Co-operating to Make a Difference

The 3rdi magazine is a member’s co-operative. But what does that actually mean in practice? Co-operatives as a business model are often misunderstood so I’d like to explain some of the myths surrounding them and increase your understanding as to how this can be an excellent alternative business [...]

Moving slowly but at least moving forward

When I saw Karen’s note about the November theme , my first response was ‘brilliant – I’ll do that.’ But when I sat in front of my computer screen, I wondered where on earth to start? As Karen says, we seem to have been talking about aspects of gender equality and diversity for so many [...]

Handbags and Gladrags

Am I the only woman who objects to the plethora of women’s networking events that revolve around shoes and canapes and chocolate? I thought not. For the record, I hate shopping. I buy handbags in order to carry more easily the stuff I need to carry and buy shoes to save walking barefoot [...]
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