gender equality

Why Scotland needs and equalities regulator

Following the referendum on independence for Scotland and the last minute vow by the leaders of the three major parties in Westminster to devolve further powers to Holyrood, the Smith Commission has been established look at what additional powers might be granted. While I have had an input via [...]

Feminism – dump the word but do not foresake the message!

As a foodie and huge fan of the graceful, feminine and smart Mary Berry, I cannot tell you how disappointed and surprised I was at her comments on feminism this week. She said ‘ I think feminism is a dirty word and I don’t want women’s rights. I love to have men around and I suppose if you [...]

Well done dear! – Changing attitudes is not for the faint hearted!

Patience is not a virtue I possess, so I recognise many of my frustrations regarding the way women are tolerated in business is simply because we are still so new at it. I understand we only have 60 years of being taken relatively seriously under our belt and the equal pay act only came into being [...]

Young Ladies Who Get Pregnant

The first time I felt a real buzz of feminism was when I attended a conference organised by The Scottish Women’s Convention specifically looking to tackle issues facing young women. I arrived in my public school uniform and sat down at a table with a bunch of girls from the Gorbals and Drumchapel [...]

Are you a feminist?

‘So are you one of those feminists then Jane?’ This question fills me with dread every time I hear it and it is posed in this way quite often as though a feminist is somehow other and weird. I always take a step back before answering because I know I am about to be judged. The word is fraught [...]
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