family business

Following in Father’s (or Mother’s) footsteps

Some time back I got a call from a researcher on the Richard Bacon Show on Radio 5 Live completely out of the blue. I recall it was around the time during the MPs’ expenses row and the issue they were focussing on was employing family members. The researcher had found something on my blog about [...]

Martin Stepek talks about family business

Martin Stepek is CEO at the Scottish Family Business Association. So who better to explain the complexities of being part of a family business. I met with Martin and asked a number of questions. What are the unique challenges that you feel face family businesses compared to other businesses? The [...]

Hidden in plain sight

HOMETRUTHS – Unlocking the Truth on Domestic Abuse “Seven years ago I met a man who said he would die for me. Six years ago he said that he would die without me. Most days since then he has told me, in detail, how he would kill me if I ever left him….. I knew that the [...]

Family Companies – The Financial Benefits

There are many things to consider when making the decision to start up a family company, but one of the deciding factors is usually the financial benefits. In family companies, directors and shareholders are usually the same people, and as such they can benefit from the company in various ways, for [...]

Kinship Ties

A family business appeals to those of us who are not part of such an enterprise. We consider the fact that a family wish to be with each other during the working week, as well as at social gatherings, a sign of a cohesive and loving unit – who better to do business with? Whether plumbing our [...]

Keeping it in the family

The housebuilding landscape has changed since Mactaggart & Mickel was established in 1925 but the company’s business ethos remains the same with a focus on quality and the customer. Throughout its 86 years history, the family-owned business has responded quickly to economic change while [...]
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