Emotional Culture In the Workplace

Being an efficient manager and good employee sometimes isn’t enough to make work fun and productive. A lot of attention is being paid these days to the “culture” of the workplace environment. If the workplace is intimidating and cold, it may experience the revolving door of employees working [...]

Dear Dave,….yours, Disaffected of Chesham

FIVE YEARS PLACEMENT IN THE REAL WORLD FOR POLITICIANS, PLEASE! Why is it that so few elected politicians have spent any part of their working life outside politics? Only 25% at the last count? What qualifies you to run the country and negotiate terms with Brussels when you have never run a [...]

Which planet are you from?

There’s been an effort in the last few decades to explain conflict in relationships by stereotyping men and women in gender roles. One popular stereotype is that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and therefore speak different languages and experience the world in different ways. To [...]

Paying for enterprise

On Thursday morning I took the bus from Leith to St Andrews Square. It cost just £1.40 for a journey that took around half an hour. The bus was full, which was brilliant. In fact the picture is even brighter as I could have travelled the whole route for the same charge. For £3.50 I could have [...]

Book Review – The Poor Had No Lawyers

THE POOR HAVE NO LAWYERS – Who Owns Scotland (And How They Got It) This is a weighty tome which is well worth wading through. In fact when I picked up the book and started to read it, it never occurred to me that I would be seething with a sense of injustice and rage, at the inequalities that [...]
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