ethical economics

The A Word

An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics (excerpts from the highly acclaimed first book from Philip A Birch, ‘An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics; principles and practices of ethical business for the 21st century’.) Each month the 3rdi magazine has been provided with exclusive rights to issue [...]

Choices between ‘right action’ and wrong values

Lawrence Bloom, Chairman of Be Energy and soon to be Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a United Nations intergovernmental organization, took his audience on a journey between the boundaries of right, wrong and the multiple shades of grey in between, when he addressed a TIGETalk in the [...]

Mammon’s Kingdom

David Marquand, the political philosopher and former Labour MP, who will be 80 in September, has lost nothing of his robust and intellectual analysis. He gives a resounding call for a public debate on how to create a “moral economy” following the collapse of 2008. In some ways this is already [...]

Community working – placebo or cure?

Before I move to the main points of this article I would make a couple of qualifying statements. Firstly that I totally support the invaluable and good-willed work of all volunteers. Secondly, that community is one of the key stakeholders in the Ethiconomics business model. I attempt to make this [...]

There is no I in team, there is no F in leader

Teams, as a general rule, are the organisation of individuals and skills typically bound by a common objective, activity or intent. When these teams are assembled in the business environment, there is more often than not a specified goal and this goal, one can assume, can be best delivered by the [...]

Well, what are you waiting for?

“How much of human life is lost in waiting.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Another year passes and the wheel of time turns. Inexorably, inevitably and impersonally. For many of us it is a time when we reflect on the past year and gird our loins for the next. There is no natural reason for this reference [...]
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