ethical business

Does balance matter? Does it matter how we get it?

An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics (excerpts from the highly acclaimed first book from Philip A Birch, ‘An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics; principles and practices of ethical business for the 21st century’.) Each month the 3rdi magazine has been provided with exclusive rights to issue [...]

Resilience: a key to successful organizations

Resilience—in organizations, structures and the human spirit—was the theme of a TIGERoadshow (Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy) hosted by the St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in the City of London on 16 October. Initiatives of Change’s UK business programme [...]

Meet, Greet and Prosper

Pause for Thought When you know exactly who you want to meet or the particular type of people or services you are looking for, you will be far more ready and likely to network productively, than if you wander aimlessly into a sea of people. Before you attend your next event, ask yourself these [...]

Values Led Networking

The world is in the midst of massive change. Never have there been so many people on the planet, nor never so many educated and connected people. The pace of change is dizzying. We are living multiple life times worth of experience compared to our ancestors and that is all before we are 30. Well [...]

Flexing Our Funny Bone for Charity

Leading female comedy promoter Funny Women, has been facing up to the challenge of proving that women really are very funny for the last eight years. With a record number of entries last year into its annual new talent competition, the Funny Women Awards, the producers want to show that everybody [...]

What is a co-operative?

A co-operative is a proper business. It is worth stating again. A co-operative is a proper business established to make profits, like any other business. In launching the3rdi magazine as a co-operative I have been surprised at the ignorance and misunderstanding that surrounds the co-operative [...]
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