Action Plan to Close Digital Gender Gap

Women’s participation in digital society is integral to achieving Agenda 2030. An ‘Action Plan to Close the Digital Gender Gap’ has been launched at “Women’s Empowerment in the Digital Age” during the High-Level Meeting of the World Summit of the Information Society currently taking [...]


An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics (excerpts from the highly acclaimed first book from Philip A Birch, ‘An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics; principles and practices of ethical business for the 21st century’.) Each month the 3rdi magazine has been provided with exclusive rights to issue [...]

The F Word

No, I am not referring to the four-letter “f” word. I am referring to feminism. Feminism is a term that became popular after World War II when women started to stand up for the proposition that they were equal to men in all respects. At the time, men reacted quite violently to the proposition [...]

Emotional Culture In the Workplace

Being an efficient manager and good employee sometimes isn’t enough to make work fun and productive. A lot of attention is being paid these days to the “culture” of the workplace environment. If the workplace is intimidating and cold, it may experience the revolving door of employees working [...]

45 years on and the gender pay is widening

This week the Law Society of Scotland has published a study showing that male solicitors are being paid up to 42% more than female solicitors in the later stage of their careers. This is in comparison to the UK overall pay gap which is 19.1%. How can this shocking statistic be the case 45 years [...]

The New Gender

I have always been a champion of gender equality and having everyone be evaluated and treated on their own merits free of any prejudice or glass ceilings based on race, ethnicity or gender. No one should suffer stereotyping or be limited based on arbitrary categorization such as gender bias. We [...]
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