Shelagh Swanson, Oil and Glass

Shelagh Swanson is as striking and stylish as one of her very own paintings or pieces of handmade glass, but Shelagh confounds stereotypes of the starving artist. As a fully fledged member of Scotland’s creative industries, Shelagh’s Aberdeen based business, Oil & Glass, is a shining [...]

Jane Nelson Interiors

The primary focus of my business is on the architectural interior design for residential, commercial and property development. I provide fully customisable front to back end design solutions working closely with clients to realise their property aspirations and to suit their budgets. There that’s [...]

Drowning in bureaucracy

It seems to me that Britain is drowning in bureaucracy. Maybe it is happening in other parts of the world too. We have people called civil servants who often understand neither of these two words – they aren’t civil, and they don’t act as if they are servants of the people. Far too often they [...]

Ann-Maree Morrison; Labels4kids and BAWE

I founded Labels4Kids in 2004 after one of my sons came out of school with one shoe missing! 2014 was a busy year for Labels4Kids. We completed our website build with new developers, we purchased and moved into new offices in Stirling and we took on more staff. Labels4Kids had the office converted [...]

Two year old daughter inspires the UK’s first paleo bar

Being a nutritionist, Suzie Walker was always going to be more conscientious than most when it came to ensuring her young daughter, Grace, ate healthily. But Suzie was genuinely shocked when, with Grace starting pre-school, she first went shopping for a healthy snack bar for Grace’s lunch box. [...]