And now, for my next trick…..

I am going to disappear!! Apparently….. According to new research published this week from Harriet Harman’s recently established Women’s Commission, as women hit 50 they disappear from public life and if you are even considering a career in the media you are on borrowed time as only 5% of all [...]

Diversity – a state of mind

Diversity starts in the home, then moves into the nursery, to school, high school, then further education and finally the work place. It’s a state of mind, not a policy. Big business loves to tell you about their diversity policies at the same time as publishing their annual reports with [...]

The Scottish education system and lack of diversity

Diversity is an appropriate theme to alert readers to the launch of a recent education report entitled “By Diverse Means”. A title inspired by a quote from Montaigne, suggesting that we can arrive at the same destination, but by taking different paths: [...]

Editorial – Diversity in Enterprise

Girls wear pink, Boys wear blue. Girls play with dolls, Boys play with toy trucks. Women are hairdressers, Men are plumbers. Women are nurses, Men are doctors. These are just a few of the gender stereotypes which we’ve all heard, and maybe even reinforced, with our own life choices. When it [...]

Diversity – a social and cultural issue

The National Centre for Diversity details its mission as being “to encourage and enable organisations to adopt and develop behaviours and practices which promote inclusion, equality, diversity and achievement.” They continue, “By understanding the different needs of your stakeholders whether [...]
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