Two year old daughter inspires the UK’s first paleo bar

Being a nutritionist, Suzie Walker was always going to be more conscientious than most when it came to ensuring her young daughter, Grace, ate healthily. But Suzie was genuinely shocked when, with Grace starting pre-school, she first went shopping for a healthy snack bar for Grace’s lunch box. [...]

Nausea, scars and sore nipples

Flicking through the pages of celebrity magazines you’d be mistaken for thinking that pregnancy and child birth were easy on your body, as stars pose naked with their bumps shortly before post pregnancy pictures appear of them having miraculously returned to their ‘normal’ pre-pregnancy [...]

Keep a woman on British bank notes

Recently there has been a furore over the Bank of England’s decision to replace Elizabeth Fry by Sir Winston Churchill on bank notes. Elizabeth II is of course on all the bank notes as the reigning monarch and would at the point of change be the only woman, by virtue of birth alone, on the [...]


I like to consider diversity in two different ways. The first is looking at business and the second is ‘personal style’. Organisations are not simply composed of one type of individual with one set of skills but a whole set of abilities. This view was underlined when I co-authored a [...]
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