Zen Living – Wabi Sabi Living Room

I would like to introduce you to the philosophy of wabi sabi and give examples of how we can use this art to create a home that keeps us in the moment. Here we will focus on the living room. The intention is to create a space that is meditative and encourages us to live life through our senses. [...]

August Tax News with Val from Beyond the Numbers

VAT DEFAULTERS If you know of any trader who should be VAT registered but is not for some reason, please do both them and us a favour by suggesting they meet us for an informal chat. That is not meant to sound ominous – the point is that HMRC have just launched a campaign to target what they [...]

Inspirational Women – Louise Botwright

Louise Botwright Founder of the Charity JUMP speaks eloquently about her own journey that created the charity she now heads. She says, “No young person thinks, oh I want to grow up and be a drug addict, or I’d love to grow up and be in prison. No young person thinks that.” Louise’s story is [...]

JUMP – inspirational social enterprise

JUMP is a youth mentoring project run for and by young people. JUMP is open to all young people aged 13–25 years old who may benefit from the mentoring process; However, our project particularly aims to help vulnerable teenagers find a safe place to live, encourage them to learn the skills that [...]

Creating shining stars

Social enterprise by its very nature has to be based on a collective spirit, community engagement and collaboration.  No social challenge can be tackled effectively and with any real sustainability without an inclusive strategy. This is why when Claire Young and I were deciding on how best to [...]

Girls Can – co-operating to support young women

‘jobs can be a big thing when you are a girl because everyone wants you to go in to hair dressing or health and social care.’ young woman from Platform 51 (YWCA) In a society which hyper sexualises women, where the pay gap and leadership gap still exists between men and women, and where there [...]
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