Editorial – Diversity in Enterprise

Girls wear pink, Boys wear blue. Girls play with dolls, Boys play with toy trucks. Women are hairdressers, Men are plumbers. Women are nurses, Men are doctors. These are just a few of the gender stereotypes which we’ve all heard, and maybe even reinforced, with our own life choices. When it [...]

August Guest Editorial – Jackie Cameron

When Karen asked me if I would guest edit the 3rdi Magazine edition for August I had no idea what I was letting myself in for yet I accepted right away. Maybe it was because the topic for this edition is Youth Enterprise which is dear to my heart and I always look for an opportunity to highlight [...]

July Editorial – Why the co-operative model works for women

There is not one single model that represents all co-operatives. They can be set up in different ways depending upon what works for the members. There are, however, common themes that make co-operatives particularly  attractive to women. Co-operatives are all based around the principal of [...]