Encouraging social and ethical values in the multi-sector context

IofC-UK’s business programme team delivered two workshops on ‘The five pillars of trust’ at York St John’s social entrepreneurship conference, York, on 1 and 2 September 2015. They were invited to take part by conference organisers Catalina Quiroz and Margaret Meredith. The focus of the [...]

Can big business help to fix the world?

From ‘wobble land’ to ‘dark nights of the soul’– Can big business help to fix the world? by Yee-Liu Williams Misconduct in the financial industry no longer surprises. Trust in big business and banks has been weakened by a world of economic inequalities and corruption. But is there [...]

Coffee grown by women

Whilst women’s empowerment does figure in the Fairtrade standards, we want to go further and challenge mainstream Fairtrade to show that the bar can be raised and women can have the same access to choices as men. Smallholders, not estates, produce most of the world’s coffee and some of [...]