An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics (excerpts from the highly acclaimed first book from Philip A Birch, ‘An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics; principles and practices of ethical business for the 21st century’.) Each month the 3rdi magazine has been provided with exclusive rights to issue [...]

Pheona Matovu ~ Radiant and Brighter!

I have lived in the UK for 16 years and the most challenging time came 8 years ago when we were denied renewal of our residence permit to live in the UK. 2 years into my marriage with 2 children under 5 and another one on the way it was hard to believe that I wasn’t allowed to work and our single [...]

Diverse Britain

‘British society today respects diversity and people from different countries’ was the view presented by a panel of refugees from the Horn of Africa who are members of Initiatives of Change (IofC)’s Agenda for Reconciliation programme. The theme was ‘Overcoming the barriers to [...]

We Are The 51

I’m of the generation that thought that the battle for equality was pretty much won. Women had burned their bras so that I had the opportunity to break through the glass ceiling. Something like that anyway. Margaret Thatcher had been Prime Minister and so it stood to reason that women could [...]

Why Scotland needs and equalities regulator

Following the referendum on independence for Scotland and the last minute vow by the leaders of the three major parties in Westminster to devolve further powers to Holyrood, the Smith Commission has been established look at what additional powers might be granted. While I have had an input via [...]

I’m bored of the feminist debate

If you are a woman (or man, for that matter) and you care about your daughter growing up in an equal society, then whether you like the word or not YOU ARE A FEMINIST! [...]
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