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Are you in flow?

I have had a few quiet weeks due to school break and holidays, not mine, everyone else’s. This has forced me to hang out in my office and catch up on paperwork, writing, creative developing and planning and whilst this sounds therapeutic and needed, if I am honest, at many moments I have wanted [...]

Corporate UK – why do women walk away?

I am revisiting one of my pet subjects this month: making corporate UK female friendly. I spend many hours in the company of awesome professional women every week and I am always amazed by their spirit and frustrated by their stories, simultaneously. I have been saying we need to stop fixing the [...]

Entitlement versus empowerment?

I know for sure, from my chats on facebook and twitter many of you are shocked, depressed and despondent about the subject matter of TV programmes such as SKINT, PEOPLE LIKE US and HONEY BOO BOO. The Times recently categorised these programmes as ‘poverty porn’ and apparently, according to the [...]

And now, for my next trick…..

I am going to disappear!! Apparently….. According to new research published this week from Harriet Harman’s recently established Women’s Commission, as women hit 50 they disappear from public life and if you are even considering a career in the media you are on borrowed time as only 5% of all [...]

Quotas – the debate

Over the past few weeks I have sat quietly and sometimes not so quietly and listened to a diverse group of men and women discuss all the arguments for NOT introducing some form of legislation to enforce gender balanced boards. The key arguments against go like this: Quotas: women don’t like them [...]
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