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What to do when the wisdom doesn’t work?

I remained positive, I focussed, I chanted affirmations daily, I visualised, I meditated, I behaved as though it had already happened. I even prayed and guess what… It did not happen. I did not attract it, I failed to manifest it and it is not here!! How unfair is that? Sometimes the Universe is [...]

The alternative diva new year message – dump goals!

I am one of those ‘impatient to be moving on people’ that is stripping the house of all things sparkly and festive on News Year’s Day or before. I have done Christmas, I have over-indulged, spent too much money, sat around for too long, depleted my family energy bank and developed [...]

Our teenage girls need role models more than ever – here’s why…

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have with women in a typical week about their concerns surrounding their teenage daughters/nieces/sisters, etc. We seem to be bemused by their obsession with appearance over substance; their apparent addiction to social media and why they all want to look [...]

Progress makes people happy

Progress makes people happy – honest! To say I am a fan of mentoring and peer support is an understatement. I run peer groups for women called Diva Powerteams, I create and lead a national mentoring programme called BIG SISTER for teenage girls, I personally mentor four teenage girls at any [...]

Raising girls – the tv shocker

The latest book about girls is all over the press at the moment: ‘Raising Girls’ by Aussie parenting guru Gisela Preuschoff. It is getting a ton of publicity as the foreword was written by Steve Biddulph, author of the million-copy best seller ‘Raising Boys’. It will come as [...]
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