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Why increased profits come faster when you slow down

Gandhi famously said, “There’s more to life than increasing its speed.” This applies to business as much as it applies to life. For example, The Economist Intelligence Unit found that companies who slowed down averaged 40% more sales and 52% more profits than companies who had made getting [...]

Why staff autonomy is the key to increased sales

The key to increased sales is providing a great customer experience, and the key to a great customer experience is staff autonomy. According to Dominic Kitchin from the Science of Buying (, the reason people don’t want to do business with organisations that aren’t [...]

6 marketing lessons you can learn from Santa Claus

One of the most effective ways of learning is to mimic the best. When it comes to encouraging us to buy – Santa Claus must be up there among the very best! The UK spends on average £568 per person at Christmas (source: – that’s pretty hefty spending that [...]

How to understand if word of mouth is working for your business

As everyone knows – word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. It can bring customers to you in their droves, but just as easily it can turn them away. So how can you ensure that it’s working effectively for you? Dominic Kitchin from The Science of Buying has some advice to help you use word [...]