Intent – the driver of success?

I am just over halfway through my review of ‘Crisis. What Crisis?’ and I am, from memory at least, approaching the more demanding sections. For those intrigued, the woerst (my worst !) is yet to come but this ‘Law 5’, Intent, is a doozy. Of all the 7 Laws which Dr Chopra lays out for us, [...]

Deepak-ology or Chopra 101?

In this my series of extracts from ‘Crisis What Crisis?’, my 14 month journey with Dr Deepak Chopra and his ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’, I am in the final stages of preparing for my journey. It is Day 18. If this was a physical, rather than a spiritual trek, I would effectively be [...]

Crisis? What Crisis?

The following is an excerpt from my attempt to follow the works of Dr Deepak Chopra; the world renowned guru on many mind and wellbeing therapies. I decided that if I was going to make a reasonable and rational decision on the efficacy of such teachings then I would have to live them. In fact, this [...]

Confident. Me. Do you think so?

I have worked around, for and over and with about as many women as men. The attributes of the successful ones, and I mean they that achieved higher positions within the organisation and not on a personal level, were pretty mixed. A quiet and phlegmatic head of accounts, a ‘work-hard-play [...]