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The best of intentions

I am offering the next of my ‘Crisis. What crisis?’ series with a heavy heart. The star of this particular entry is no longer with me. He passed this year and I miss him every day. Anyway, as a tribute to his patience, love, loyalty and tolerance of me and MY best intentions, this one goes out [...]

Attention energises and intention transforms

Intent has become something of a holy grail to me and this increased awareness in the value of the ‘intent’ behind our thoughts, words and deeds continues to fascinate and inspire me today as much as it appears to have been doing through my journey with Dr Chopra. I was, and still am, not a fan [...]

Intent – the driver of success?

I am just over halfway through my review of ‘Crisis. What Crisis?’ and I am, from memory at least, approaching the more demanding sections. For those intrigued, the woerst (my worst !) is yet to come but this ‘Law 5’, Intent, is a doozy. Of all the 7 Laws which Dr Chopra lays out for us, [...]

Go home and collect your thoughts

I selected this particular journal entry because I am certain that it is a situation that we all, at some time, have had to deal with. It may not have been your own friendly bank manager; it could be the shop assistant, the call centre agent, the cold-caller or the window cleaner. In fact, anyone [...]

Giving is free and time is not money

In my review of my journey with Dr Deepak Chopra, ‘Crisis, What crisis?’ I have found it weird in what and how I have changed in the interim period but also, and maybe more disturbingly, what has not. The introduction to Law 2, Giving is a perfect example of this. I have changed so MY world has [...]

Don’t believe everything you think!

Day 37 Mantra magic Reading back over the following entry I what stuck out the most was my reference to ‘belief’ and ‘believing’. I have been reading more about belief systems recently for some workshops that I am building. In fact, I can be specific and unhindered about these musings [...]