The launch of the Co-operative Womens Challenge 2020 took place in Leeds on July 2nd. I went along to cover the launch for the magazine and while I had been looking forward to it, it was with heavy heart that I dragged myself into the venue and out of the cloudless blue sky and warmth of Leeds. [...]

Karen Wilkie – Co-operative Party Women’s Network

Women co-operators have always engaged in political action, campaigning early in the 19th & 20th centuries for the vote, for maternity benefits, milk for school-children, divorce law reform, a minimum wage; and initiating the white poppies peace campaign. This year we celebrated the 100th [...]

What is a co-operative?

A co-operative is a proper business. It is worth stating again. A co-operative is a proper business established to make profits, like any other business. In launching the3rdi magazine as a co-operative I have been surprised at the ignorance and misunderstanding that surrounds the co-operative [...]

Heart of Argyll Tourism Alliance

The Heart of Argyll Tourism Alliance has been set up with support from Co+operative Development Scotland (CDS) to boost tourism to Mid Argyll. As an open membership co-operative, anyone can join, ensuring the local industry is widely represented. Loosely bounded by Ardfern, Inveraray, Tarbert and [...]

Such an Such Artists Co-operative

Forming a consortium co-operative with help from Co+operative Development Scotland (CDS) has allowed the artists behind Such and Such to increase their visibility and earning potential by sharing premises, equipment and marketing opportunities. Such and Such is a consortium of four Edinburgh-based [...]

Collaboration – co-operative style

Photo: Left to Right – Kenny Kemp, Vicky Masterson, Liz Taylor, Ruth Webber, Stewart McIntosh, Ian Spinney Collaboration is part of our daily lives, whether it’s agreeing with a partner who is cooking dinner or making informal child-care arrangements with friends. It is also becoming [...]
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