Struggle vs Conscious Evolution

“It started with mammals, bugs and birds.” Lynn Kaplan is describing her evolution from educator – she once ran a successful business introducing children to wildlife – to Divorce Doula. Two difficult marriages, the challenge of fibromyalgia and then spontaneously rising to advocate [...]

Flowering Awareness

Recently, I had the opportunity to study with Sergio Magaña, a healer in the Toltec tradition. I was with him to experience and practice age-old Mesoamerican healing technologies, ancient codices formerly passed down via a strict oral lineage. Times are changing. The seers predicted that what was [...]

How do you filter your world?

The brain does most of its work un-noticed. In fact, most of the time it works without your interruption or conscious control – your heart beats, your eyes blink, your lungs breathe and your organs, cells and nervous system do very well thank you without you having to consciously think about [...]

Imagined or Real?

The unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is vividly imagined and what is real. You may find this difficult to believe at first, so try this simple exercise. Close your eyes for a moment. Do your best to clear your mind of all images and thoughts (as much as possible). Imagine [...]

Crisis? What Crisis?

The following is an excerpt from my attempt to follow the works of Dr Deepak Chopra; the world renowned guru on many mind and wellbeing therapies. I decided that if I was going to make a reasonable and rational decision on the efficacy of such teachings then I would have to live them. In fact, this [...]

Ventilated Consciousness

Ever had a crappy day? What can you do right now to help open you up to better feelings, higher choices and reduce your mental and emotional discomfort? Easy. Ventilate your consciousness with this simple and amazing energy technique I’ve taught clients for years. Take three minutes to learn [...]
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