I’ll have some self belief please

So here’s a question I get asked a lot ‘Jane, where do you get your self belief from, it is awesome?’ If I could answer this question in a sentence or by suggesting one technique or one source of knowledge I would be a global superstar! Where does anyone’s self belief come from I wonder? I [...]

Create your own reality

Since writing this piece I have focussed an increasing amount of my time and energy on creating a more harmonious reality. It is clear that it was, and is always, simply our own interpretation of events that creates our world. Whether referring to our individual perceptions and conditions or our [...]

Using mantra to release anxiety

The Malice Mantra Technique Filled with anxiety about small or large issues it feels as if there’s nowhere to run and hide. Learn The Malice Mantra Technique and you’ll be able to have your anxiety leave you. Learning it takes only a couple of minutes and you can use it [...]

Doubt is poisoning you

Would you drink poison–just a little bit–every time you had a negative thought?  No.  But we do, don’t we?   Every doubt creates just a tiny bit of poison in our consciousness.  Doubting that we’ll do well on an interview or phone call. Doubting that our family will be [...]

How to build confidence when delivering a talk

Having, and projecting, confidence is probably the single most important aspect to get right when delivering a speech or presentation. Sandy Eifion-Jones, of Toastmasters International offers some tips to help you build your confidence when delivering a talk: 1. Imagine yourself If you are [...]
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