Mammon’s Kingdom

David Marquand, the political philosopher and former Labour MP, who will be 80 in September, has lost nothing of his robust and intellectual analysis. He gives a resounding call for a public debate on how to create a “moral economy” following the collapse of 2008. In some ways this is already [...]

Where does community start and finish?

I have always been a pacifist, so long as I am allowed to ignore the childhood fights with my brothers, and I remember quite clearly being challenged about this by the delightful Reverend Keating who took my 6th form class for what would now be called “citizenship studies” but was then [...]

Community is like the layers of an onion

We are at the heart of every community we connect with and the vital relationships which sustain us (and them– for community is a two way process) start with us at the heart and pass layer by layer through the connections that surround us. I’ve always felt that self-sufficiency was an [...]

Community working – placebo or cure?

Before I move to the main points of this article I would make a couple of qualifying statements. Firstly that I totally support the invaluable and good-willed work of all volunteers. Secondly, that community is one of the key stakeholders in the Ethiconomics business model. I attempt to make this [...]

Upcycling for community benefit

In August 2012 the Glad Cafe started trading in the southside of Glasgow. Set up as a Community Interest Company its aim was to run a busy cafe with a well equipped venue for live music and other arts events. Its social objective was that eventually its profits would be used to provide affordable [...]
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