How to listen your way to a better business

When employees and employers talk to each other, are either of them listening? The owner/manager wants his employees to know what they need to do to be productive and help move the business forward. However, employees often feel like “worker bees” and can become frustrated by the [...]

How to deal with an unexpected response

One of my friends has a thoughtful face. When she is thinking she frowns. To some it looks like she is grumpy or unhappy. Andy Murray the tennis player is accused of being a bit of grump by some. When in his acceptance speech after being voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2013 he said [...]

Is your mouth saying one thing and your body something else?

If you’re giving a speech you’ve probably thought carefully about the words – but have you thought about your body language? Unless your body language is aligned with your vocal language you are missing the opportunity to deliver the full impact of your message, and you risk creating elements [...]

Communication and Customer Care

Because I spend a good deal of time writing and speaking to groups of people of all ages, jobs and life styles I am very aware of both negative and positive effects of good and bad communication on clients and audiences. Over the last few weeks I have personally been involved with both of these. [...]

How do you communicate with yourself?

How do you communicate with yourself? It may surprise you to know that communication is not just about words. Communication is 93% not spoken words. It is made up of your tone of communication, your physiology AND only 7% of your spoken words. Look at the  chart and consider quickly your [...]

Messages of Love

As a Psychic Medium, one of the issues people so often bring up is, “I wish I could communicate with my departed loved one. I keep praying for an experience but nothing happens.” I’d like to share with you one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. What occurred is not something I [...]