What is a co-operative?

A co-operative is a proper business. It is worth stating again. A co-operative is a proper business established to make profits, like any other business. In launching the3rdi magazine as a co-operative I have been surprised at the ignorance and misunderstanding that surrounds the co-operative [...]

Collaboration v Competition This time it’s personal!

Firstly I would like to define and clarify the terms: Collaboration means to work with another or others on a joint project Competition means a rivalry between two or more businesses striving for the same customer or market. So, on the face of it, the two seem mutually exclusive. One focuses on [...]

Why you should share your ideas with your competitors

That headline might raise a few eyebrows but bear with me. It’s likely that finding out what your competitors are doing in their business and using what you do find out wisely to gain “competitive advantage” has been recommended since the very first trader set up. It seems like common sense [...]

JUMP – inspirational social enterprise

JUMP is a youth mentoring project run for and by young people. JUMP is open to all young people aged 13–25 years old who may benefit from the mentoring process; However, our project particularly aims to help vulnerable teenagers find a safe place to live, encourage them to learn the skills that [...]

Creating shining stars

Social enterprise by its very nature has to be based on a collective spirit, community engagement and collaboration.  No social challenge can be tackled effectively and with any real sustainability without an inclusive strategy. This is why when Claire Young and I were deciding on how best to [...]

Scottish Organic Milk Producers

Scottish Organic Milk is a marketing co-operative of local dairy farmers who manage the supply of organic milk in Scotland right through from the cow to the consumer. Scottish Organic Milk is a marketing co-operative, founded in 2003 by a group of farmers, to help promote Scottish organic milk. The [...]
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