Collaboration – a definition from Ethiconomics

Collaboration Definition to work with another or others on a joint project something created by working jointly with another or others Generally speaking we all understand what collaboration means. Essentially it is an arrangement in which two or more parties work jointly towards a common goal. [...]

The Journey to Employee Ownership – Nick Kuenssberg

Having launched Scott & Fyfe Limited – the Tayport-based technical textiles business – on the journey towards becoming an employee owned company, I thought it helpful to explain not only the context but also the reasoning behind its introduction and the special attributes behind our [...]

How to use stories to bring your presentation to life

Have you ever read a novel you couldn’t put down, or watched a film you couldn’t turn off, or listened to an audio book which held you spellbound? Why did they have that effect on you? Because they told a story. So if you want to captivate your audience when giving a speech or presentation – [...]

Competition kills innovation?

Recently I have been prompted to explore the relevance and reality of competition and how it has played out in my personal life, my relationships and how I see it showing up in the economy in the wider world. With regards to the latter, I am on seriously dodgy ground but feel drawn to make comment! [...]

July Editorial – Why the co-operative model works for women

There is not one single model that represents all co-operatives. They can be set up in different ways depending upon what works for the members. There are, however, common themes that make co-operatives particularly  attractive to women. Co-operatives are all based around the principal of [...]

Inspirational Women – Louise Botwright

Louise Botwright Founder of the Charity JUMP speaks eloquently about her own journey that created the charity she now heads. She says, “No young person thinks, oh I want to grow up and be a drug addict, or I’d love to grow up and be in prison. No young person thinks that.” Louise’s story is [...]
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