The Business Benefits of Collaboration

Many companies, big and small, are moving towards a more collaborative approach to business. Effective collaboration is much more than just ‘working together’ – it’s a strategic choice too. As companies delve further into a collaborative work environment, they quickly find that the benefits [...]

Scottish collaborations scoop £30k prize

Adventures in Light Three new Scottish consortia are celebrating after sharing the £30,000 Collaboration Prize from Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS), which encourages companies to join forces to grow. Spirit producers Scottish Craft Distillers and The Scottish Honey and Beeswax Consortium [...]

In praise of the co-operative economy

I am constantly reading articles by various commentators bemoaning the failures of our neo-liberal economy and calling for a more responsible form of capitalism. Perhaps the nature of capitalism cannot be changed but an obvious, if rarely lauded, alternative does exist. 2012 has been declared by [...]

Collaboration and the me generation

There are some facts that are taken as read; men are better at parking than women, women are better multi-taskers than men; women are better listeners and so on. Amongst the list is the fact that women are better collaborators than men. A recent talk made me think. The gist of the argument goes [...]

Co-operation – The Employee Ownership Model

Dick Philbrick, Chairman of Clansman Dynamics, is the newly appointed Chair of Co-operative Development Scotland. Here he explains how his passion for co-operative models has underpinned a successful business career of 40 years. You could say I’ve been on a forty year journey of promoting and [...]

Collaboration – compromise or conflict

I am sure that most of us work harder on the content of our business product or service as we do on marketing and promoting it. To me, marketing has always been a necessary evil but that’s very much a personal opinion. I have, however, trademarked the Ethiconomics brand and undertake what I [...]
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