Cafe for the community

Seven employees from a cafe in north Wales have purchased the business and turned it into a worker co-operative. Caffi Florence in Loggerheads Country Park, near Mold, was bought by the employees who took advantage of the opportunity of purchasing the cafe when its previous owner decided to step [...]

Community turns former store into music venue and business centre

This year, Wakefield’s annual Long Division music festival will be different. It will take place in September instead of June, postponed so that Unity Hall, a community building currently under refurbishment, can be at the centre of proceedings. Community benefit society Unity House Wakefield Ltd [...]

Co-operative education encourages community participation

The City of Edinburgh Council believes the concept of co-operation can provide a values-and-principles approach to learning and teaching. This can allow all students to succeed and help to tackle the entrenched attainment gap seemingly dictated by postcodes. It has taken this pioneering approach as [...]

What can Barcelona teach us about social impact?

Today, more than most days, I’ve been pondering the vexed issue of return on investment and it’s little regarded associate, social return on investment. Return on investment in purely financial terms is easy to see today, as this is football transfer deadline day. For those of you who [...]

Social Impact through community co-operatives

Community co-operatives are organisations set up to provide services to a particular community which use co-operative principles to guide their activities. When a community is a local community, this is usually easy to recognise as there are physical boundaries, maybe a village, or a block of flats [...]

In praise of the co-operative economy

I am constantly reading articles by various commentators bemoaning the failures of our neo-liberal economy and calling for a more responsible form of capitalism. Perhaps the nature of capitalism cannot be changed but an obvious, if rarely lauded, alternative does exist. 2012 has been declared by [...]
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