Collaboration – compromise or conflict

I am sure that most of us work harder on the content of our business product or service as we do on marketing and promoting it. To me, marketing has always been a necessary evil but that’s very much a personal opinion. I have, however, trademarked the Ethiconomics brand and undertake what I [...]

The co-operative economy

There is more and more agreement that our current economic system isn’t working and that we have encouraged and rewarded short term financial speculation over long-term, sustainable wealth creation. We have focussed on competition at the expense of collaboration. We need to redress this [...]

No Woman Is An Island

Unless you have discovered that you are absolutely perfect at absolutely everything, then I suspect we shall be in full agreement that the only way to as much success as possible is to rope in other class acts and hope a lot of good stuff rubs off. One of the interesting things about recession is [...]

Collaborating depends …

Returning from a week of working away from home, sitting on a jam-packed train; I am dog-tired and wondering how on earth I can pull together this month’s article. I appear to have no threads to pull on, so instead I decide to sit back, close my eyes and contemplate the theme. I find myself [...]

Innovative collaboration in music

Co-operatives come in many shapes and sizes. This one struck a chord with me, so to speak! Music Co-operative Scotland brings together the members of the Orchestra of Scottish Opera in an artistic collaboration to explore new markets for classical music at home and overseas. The new venture will [...]
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