Upcycling for community benefit

In August 2012 the Glad Cafe started trading in the southside of Glasgow. Set up as a Community Interest Company its aim was to run a busy cafe with a well equipped venue for live music and other arts events. Its social objective was that eventually its profits would be used to provide affordable [...]

Community turns former store into music venue and business centre

This year, Wakefield’s annual Long Division music festival will be different. It will take place in September instead of June, postponed so that Unity Hall, a community building currently under refurbishment, can be at the centre of proceedings. Community benefit society Unity House Wakefield Ltd [...]

Co-operative education encourages community participation

The City of Edinburgh Council believes the concept of co-operation can provide a values-and-principles approach to learning and teaching. This can allow all students to succeed and help to tackle the entrenched attainment gap seemingly dictated by postcodes. It has taken this pioneering approach as [...]

Collaboration and the me generation

There are some facts that are taken as read; men are better at parking than women, women are better multi-taskers than men; women are better listeners and so on. Amongst the list is the fact that women are better collaborators than men. A recent talk made me think. The gist of the argument goes [...]

Co-operation – The Employee Ownership Model

Dick Philbrick, Chairman of Clansman Dynamics, is the newly appointed Chair of Co-operative Development Scotland. Here he explains how his passion for co-operative models has underpinned a successful business career of 40 years. You could say I’ve been on a forty year journey of promoting and [...]
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