Christine Richard

Lifelong learning

As ever I want to look at this experience of lifelong learning from two different viewpoints. One is the factual, measureable set of experiences, whilst the other takes a more philosophical look. When I was at college I wrote an essay entitled ‘Curiosity is the Driving Force of [...]


I like to consider diversity in two different ways. The first is looking at business and the second is ‘personal style’. Organisations are not simply composed of one type of individual with one set of skills but a whole set of abilities. This view was underlined when I co-authored a [...]

Women and enterprise

In the early evening of 22 April a dozen women, all members of the group ‘Changing the Diversity of Scottish Boards’ met, where else, but in the board room of a leading investment company in Edinburgh. We were there to listen to one woman’s story of how she became a senior [...]


It is not surprising to find the Oxford Dictionary devotes 32 lines to the subject of “Community”. The definitions range from joint ownership or liability, state of being shared or held in common, fellowship, organised political, municipal or social body to the more human social and [...]
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