Christine Richard

Teams – do they make a difference?

The Oxford Dictionary defines team as ‘two, or more draught animals harnessed together, a set of players forming one side of a game. It further suggests ‘willingness to act for group rather than individual benefit.’ The highest political teams in the country are the UK Parliament, the [...]

‘What will it mean to be a woman in 2014?’

Doing some research for this article I asked the question to a number of women of various ages. ‘Well, much the same as in 2013! When I dug deeper I found some wanted to progress their careers, others were looking to achieve places on boards, both executive and non-executive. The fields vary [...]

Leaders and leadership

My trusty Oxford dictionary asserts leadership is ‘Guidance given by going in front’. There are many ideas of what constitutes a leader and, therefore, leadership. I think the compilers of the dictionary had some difficulty in paring this down. This is the one I personally like best. [...]

Mentoring – a fashionable activity?

Mentoring is a fashionable activity. If one were being cynical there is the quote from the poet, W H Auden ‘we are put on this earth to help others, what the others are for, I do not know.’ The Oxford dictionary, on the other hand defines a mentor as ‘an experienced and trusted [...]


The term ‘sexism’ is, in itself, a cliché. Yes, it has been around for a long time. Automatically we tend to believe this means disparaging treatment and belittling of women by men! But is this always the case? In recent years there seems to be evidence of younger men, ie, between the [...]

Doing business in austere times

Running a business is not easy at the best of times. To paraphrase Charles Dickens these could be rightly called “The worst of times”. On the surface it seems we are now coming out of deep recession, thankfully, but this is only part of the story. Many small companies have gone out of [...]
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