Building a Cooperative Culture

The key to employee ownership success is the sharing of information, responsibility, risks and rewards throughout the company but how can you make this a reality? One company which knows all about building a culture of ownership is SRC Holdings Corporation, a US company which has been employee [...]

Are there any signs of change?

I saw only today on facebook this comment, “If the growing number of people that are openly calling  for the PM and his government to be lynched is telling us anything, it is that revolution is imminent.” I don’t agree with this conclusion but the growing unrest, at least on [...]

Three certainties: death, tax and change

According to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” You probably already know that we change our living selves every few months or so. Every cell in our body, brain, skin, organs, and bones, is replaced by an entirely new one. Our [...]

Changing women’s cycling..and women’s sport?

This month brought about what will hopefully be a promising turning point for women’s cycling and even women’s sport as a whole. On a chilly morning on the banks of the Thames, the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team was launched. The new team is unusual for a number of reasons, for one, it’s not a [...]

Collaborating depends …

Returning from a week of working away from home, sitting on a jam-packed train; I am dog-tired and wondering how on earth I can pull together this month’s article. I appear to have no threads to pull on, so instead I decide to sit back, close my eyes and contemplate the theme. I find myself [...]

Competition kills innovation?

Recently I have been prompted to explore the relevance and reality of competition and how it has played out in my personal life, my relationships and how I see it showing up in the economy in the wider world. With regards to the latter, I am on seriously dodgy ground but feel drawn to make comment! [...]
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