How about some small changes for a change?

click image for more from Jackie As I write this January 2013 is drawing to a close. By now, according to research, none of which I can find that would be useful, most New Year resolutions will have gone by the board. Some of that might be down to the time of year. Even if that start of a new year [...]

Change – as good as a rest, really?!

For the past year I’ve begun the morning in a French café, enjoying the aroma of freshly baked pains aux chocolat while sipping a double shot latte. The owner gets up in the dead of night to create the most delicious croissants and breads, which allows me to get there early in the morning [...]

Creating transformational change

Click image for more from Louie Breaking old patterns to create transformational change. Nothing about a caterpillar tells you that it will become a butterfly. All that it is, all that it was, gives birth to a creature of such delicate nature that one could barely have imagined it into being. It [...]

Change – the appeal of yonder field

click image for more from Hollie Change is something that a restless soul like me is constantly seeking; never content with what is currently in play, the grass is always greener etc, etc. No matter how green and rich the current pasture is, this Billy Goat Gruff is always looking over the bridge [...]

The key to successful change? Bravery

It’s normal to fear or even hate change, but I’ve surprised myself this month by realising I love change. I’ve partly, and temporarily, moved to Aberdeen from Glasgow, together with my 22 month old, because my husband was offered a six-month secondment. The easy thing to do would have been to [...]

Be the sustainable change you want to see in the world

It may not have struck many this morning, but as we all tucked into our breakfasts, whether it was fruit and yogurt or bacon and eggs, we were being influenced by international relations and policies. The trip that your bananas and oranges took to your fruit bowl and the gas that cooked your bacon [...]
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