February Tax News – with Val from Beyond the Numbers

We mentioned last time the massive leap to £250,000 as the new and temporary annual amount you can spend in your business on machinery, furniture and the like, and get full tax write-off in the year. Most businesses do not spend anything like that amount in a year, but even so you have to be very [...]

A new global economy for a new generation

Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, at the end of last month. The transcript of her speech, A New Global Economy for a New Generation can be found here: In her speech to [...]

How women have changed

In 1913, the first long-awaited step was taken towards political equality between men and women when a suffragette threw herself under the King’s horse. I believe that this momentous historic event shows us how passionate and determined women can be in the face of prejudice. Now, as a teenage [...]

Coping with change: top tips for parents

Did you notice the day that your sweet smiling child changed into a surly, moody teenager? Possibly not but you have probably heard it. The door slamming, foot stomping, tears and tantrums and that’s just from you! Being a parent of a teenager can be stressful. As a mother you want the best for [...]

Change – what does it mean?

Change is constant. If this sounds like a contradiction, well it is! Humankind has always been developing new ways of doing things, whether new medical treatments, new ways of transport, new technology and leading from that the one which has changed our existence irrevocably, the world-wide web. It [...]

Change – love it or fear it?

click image for more from Rebecca “Ooooh, let’s go to the new restaurant for a change” says one friend to another. “Nah, I like the one we normally go to, you know what you’re getting there” replies the friend. This just about sums up the two pervading attitudes [...]
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