How to use the 3Cs to introduce change into your organisation

In today’s fast-moving environment, change is a crucial element of any business. Businesses that fail to change – fail to develop and grow. However introducing change needs to be managed carefully to ensure that it is positive for the organisation, employees and customers. So how do you [...]

How to build a new you

This technique is a trick of the mind that can help you enhance any area of your life in just a few seconds. It takes only a minute to learn and you can use it for the rest of your life. Let’s learn how to build a new you. Imagine yourself standing behind yourself like a ghost. Same hair, [...]

Anatomy of a Breakthrough

To date, if there’s been a theme to 2014 it’s that friends and colleagues alike are wrestling with change. One dear friend is looking for a new place to express recently discovered talents. Another feels she wants to create a more meaningful version of the business she ran before having [...]

Women in digital by Red Barrington

Dr Jill Ney writes: “As part of my celebrating women in digital series I was introduced to a lovely lady called Red Barrington. So, yes, I have moved beyond The Drums Top 30 Women in Digital Under 30. Red and I had a little chuckle at the age limit for The Drums award as she could not be included [...]

How technology is changing our perception of possession

During my working hours I spend a lot of time wandering through the internet, looking for new technologies, platforms, products and services. I aim to find the elements within these things that make them interesting or innovative. Whilst I’m looking around I also get to see how they affect human [...]

Celebrating women in digital – part three

This is the third instalment of my celebrating women in digital from The Drums Top 30 Women Under 30. This month’s article focusses  on Fiona Robertson from Lbi and Laura Grant from Tag Digital. I may catch up with the other top 30 women later in the year but for now this is the last [...]
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