How to create a loyal customer base

Understanding how loyal your customers are is important if you want to focus your sales and marketing effort in the right places. Until recently there hasn’t been a way to measure customer loyalty. Instead we’ve measured ad effectiveness; although this is useful it doesn’t tell you about [...]

Why staff autonomy is the key to increased sales

The key to increased sales is providing a great customer experience, and the key to a great customer experience is staff autonomy. According to Dominic Kitchin from the Science of Buying (, the reason people don’t want to do business with organisations that aren’t [...]

How to understand if word of mouth is working for your business

As everyone knows – word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. It can bring customers to you in their droves, but just as easily it can turn them away. So how can you ensure that it’s working effectively for you? Dominic Kitchin from The Science of Buying has some advice to help you use word [...]