Co-operatives – in it for the long haul

As the priorities for the economy begin to broaden, the need is to deliver a sustainable and secure economy, capable of redressing the balance, of delivering an efficient welfare system amid reduced budgets, of being sustainable, secure and continuing to be a leader on the international stage. In [...]

Next generation of female entrepreneurs at heart of business

The next generation of entrepreneurs in Scotland powering social enterprise are bucking the economic trend by putting values back at the heart of business. And women are giving men a run for their money. On International Women’s Day the Social Enterprise Academy is celebrating Scotland’s [...]

So you think sustainable business is just about being green?

I love words. I particularly like the way that old words are given new life and meaning when deployed in a new context. Employee “engagement”, “responsibility”, business “ethics” are examples and so too the current vogue with “sustainable” business.  I view sustainability from a [...]

A move to more ethical banking

The Move Your Money campaign which, launched earlier this year, hopes that March will see people across the UK pledging to move their money to fairer and more local forms of banks. And in support of Move Your Money Month, Co-operatives UK is producing a short guide to moving current and savings [...]

Empowerment in developing markets

“We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men to influence developments at all levels of society”. 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony Addressing the critical issue of gender equality is a key challenge for many parts of the world that [...]

Carol Craig

Carol Craig is Chief Executive of The Centre for Confidence and Well-being. The Centre was founded by Carol after the success of her first book The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence and the well received Tipping Point Event in 2004. Carol is the driving force of the Centre and is constantly seeking [...]
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